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 3. Birthing & Neonatal Care
 Selenium Deficiency????
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Posted - 09/19/2011 :  11:23:51 AM  Show Profile  Visit anitajacobson's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Everyone

I have read through alot of posts all night and most of this morning. Some of you are freinds on FB so pardon the repeat information.

Yesterday, mid-day, we had a baby girl born, 18 days early but she does have teeth and she was 14 pounds, I found her laying in a ball out in the sun (thank goodness it wasn't super hot), Mom was nearby eating. When I stood her up her back legs have no strength, she can't get them under her, so she can't stand to nurse. I'm not sure if I am dealing with a premie with loose ligaments or a selinium defiency or both, grrrrrrrrr

I have wrapped them and made her hobbles so they can't spread which helps her stay in the standing postion longer.

My questions is, if this is selenium deficiency would it affect only one area of her body and not the rest? Would it only affect one cria and not the rest (I was thinking because maybe her dam was too low to pass it on)It looks like she is literally lacking any muscle in her rear end. Although she is working with it, she is a it stronger this morning, I have them stalled in the barn so she can't move around much since this is recommended for loose ligaments.

I had some Vitamin E/Selenium paste for goats. The dosage was 2ml for kids, so I have that to her. Do I repeat that, or just wait, I don't want to overdose? She has received colostrum, she hates the bottle so I hold her up to mama for as long as she wants, although moms milk was slow to come in, we are still in the colostrum stage, which you know doesn't amount to too much so I am just supplementing right now for calories.

I did give her 1/2 cc of Biomycin, one to prevent any bacteria setting in and 2. I read that some Universities use this therapy to tighten weak ligaments in young cria.

I gave her an enema to pass the meconium, she did and everytime I go to feed and lay her over my knees to nurse, she pees on me

So one another question...would you keep up with the LA 200, if so everyday or every other day? I was thinking of alternating is with Pen, to prevent pneumonia due to lack of activity and possible aspiration, although I can barely get any supplements down her, so aspiration isn't too big of an issue, it's just that once pneumonia sets in, it's hard to get out, so I want to prevent it.

When is too early to start Fiberive? I made a slurry with Pedialyte, Fibrevive, honey and colustrum and she like that, out of a baby medicine dropper. Is it too soon to start her on that? I felt like it filled her tummy better.

Okay, I know there is alot of questions in here, if you have any advice or input, please do.


Anita Jacobson
Sierra Nevada Ranch
Durham, California

Heidi Christensen

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Posted - 09/19/2011 :  12:34:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit Heidi Christensen's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi Anita,

Not sure if anyone on FB has mentioned this articla

but it does talk about selenium deficiency in youngsters. Selenium is passed from the dam both in utero and in the milk, so if your dam has been supplemented I would be a bit hesitant to do anything without bloodwork to make sure the cria truely is deficient. Although my first vet (who had worked with lots of llamas back in the 80's but pretty much just does horses now) says the soil in SA is very high in selenium so camelids can handle amounts that would kill a horse.

Good luck with your cria!

Heidi Christensen
WingNut Farm
Graham, Wa
(253) 846-2168
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Posted - 09/19/2011 :  1:03:41 PM  Show Profile  Visit anitajacobson's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks Heidi,

Nobody has mentioned that yet. I did talk to the vet and since she is 14 pounds, has teeth and the front end is strong, he is agreeing with me and going with 1cc BoSe (IM) since the paste isn't as absorbable. He says even with the stillwater mineral and pellet supplement, she may not have had enough to pass it over or it could be a lack of Vitamin E. This is my first time dealing with this. Thank God, this little girl is a strong fighter. She is stronger than yesterday afternoon :) hoping it's only a few days, she is a little pig and wants to eat all the time, but just short little spurts, I think her legs get tired, I am going out now to film her, I want to document it, to help other people who might have this issue because it's hard to find info on it

I am guessing just the one injection is enough and hopefully the rest will come through in mom??? I'm going to top-dress moms grain for awhile.

Anita Jacobson
Sierra Nevada Ranch
Durham, California
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Posted - 09/19/2011 :  5:54:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I believe I saw recently that Dr. Ruthanne said not to give FibRevive until they are chewing cud. Why don't you just give her cow's milk with some half and half or whole fat organic yogurt in it? Also, not supposed to give honey because of the risk of botulism. If you want to sweeten it, try a little bit of Karo light syrup instead. I've had good luck with newborns using the small pet nursing bottles. They hold 2 oz and the nipples are about the same size as mom.

I'd like to read the reference about LA200 tightening weak ligaments. To my knowledge it is used for the opposite, to loosen contracted tendons. The info I have says 'Tetracycline binds the calcium causing secondary relaxation of the muscle/tendon unit'.

Best wishes for your little one!

Diane Pedrotte
Meadowsong Alpacas
Capac, MI

Edited by - meadowsong on 09/19/2011 11:35:25 PM
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Posted - 09/19/2011 :  6:58:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit Pepperina's Homepage  Reply with Quote
In this situation in the past we have been advised to give Vitamin D (usually in Vit ADE combination) and do the oxytetracycline treatment. We splint hocks if that helps them stand and not knuckle over. Usually it just takes time and patience and keeping supplementary milk replacement feeds up to the cria as well as the odd glucose and warm water for energy.

Pepperina Alpacas Forest Hill QLD Australia
Ph: +61754654232
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