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 3. Birthing & Neonatal Care
 Newborn Cria Eye Infection
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Posted - 03/05/2007 :  8:42:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We had our second cria for our farm born on Saturday. Our first in '05 had heat issues then we lost mom and had to bottle feed cria.
So we have been a little on edge with out new females and up coming cria.

Got home about 3:30 in the afternoon and could see a new brown spot in the field as I was driving down the street. It was a suri boy.

Today the wife called me at work saying he was sick and need the vet NOW. His eyes were matted shut and we was looking weak/wobbling. As soon as we cleaned his eyes off he went looking for mom to nurse. I took mom and cira to OSU (OK State Univ)just to be safe. IGG results will be in tomorrow. But blood work showed no bacteria and mom checked negative for parasites. Vet said he had spunk and was nursing well. Mom was taking good care of him (her first cria).

Has anyone had problems with eye infections on newborns?
Is there a general practice of putting ointment or drops in eyes to protect them intially?

Bakers' Acres Alpacas
McLoud, Oklahoma


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Posted - 03/05/2007 :  11:39:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit renfarms's Homepage  Reply with Quote
A couple of questions:
Was the cria full term - how many days of gestation?
Did you get the cria to nurse in the first 8 hours, 12 hours?
Were there any signs of a difficult delivery, excess blood, signs of trauma on mom's vulva or on the cria?
Did you examine the afterbirth - was there a complete amniotic sac and were both uterine horns visible?
What were the temperature, and weather conditions, rain, snow, etc.?
Sometimes weepy eyes may not be due to eye infection, but rather due to other health issues, such as pneumonia, weakened condition, prematurity, etc.

Bill and Louise Goebel
Renaissance Farms
McArthur, Ohio 45651
(740) 596-1468

Edited by - renfarms on 03/05/2007 11:39:56 PM
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Heidi Christensen

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Posted - 03/06/2007 :  12:28:57 AM  Show Profile  Visit Heidi Christensen's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by BakersAcres

Has anyone had problems with eye infections on newborns?
Is there a general practice of putting ointment or drops in eyes to protect them intially?

Bakers' Acres Alpacas
McLoud, Oklahoma

Today must be my day. I did have two years ago with an eye infection - the vet found it on her newborn checkup, so she was a day or two old at the time. He figured it was irritation from dust (you can bet I was out there hosing down the birthing pen all summer and fall last year). Dust is probably not a problem now, but the ointment was easy to apply. I don't know that people do it routinely. They can also get eye drainage from upper respiratory infections. I might be wrong, but I think most URI's are viral, but can get secondary bacterial infections, and can be more serious.

Good luck with your little guy.


Heidi Christensen
WingNut Farm
Graham, Wa
(253) 846-2168
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Posted - 03/06/2007 :  05:42:51 AM  Show Profile  Visit mrndly's Homepage  Reply with Quote
We had a girl last year who was small (10 lbs). She had a problem with both eyes for the first month. The vet told us her eye ducts were not fully developed and that she would grow out of it. We had to treat her with an ointment daily to keep her from getting an infection. She did grow out of it.

Maureen Daley
Our Secret Garden Alpacas LLC.
Whitehouse Sta. NJ
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Posted - 03/06/2007 :  11:02:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

This little guy was full term. Not sure when exactly he was born. I got home at 3:18 and could see an extra brown spot in the field and saw it move. He was cushed and seemed okay. I picked him up to look him over and when I went to put him down he lowered his legs and tried to stand. By 3:45 he was up, found mom, and tried to nurse. At 3:51 he nursed a second time and I know was successful.
Afterbirth was all there. Temp was in the 60s but windy. So dust could have been the cause/problem. There was no signs of trama to mom or cria.

IGG test will be in later today. Maybe that will give another clue?

Bakers' Acres Alpacas
McLoud, Oklahoma
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Posted - 03/07/2007 :  10:43:07 AM  Show Profile  Visit AbenaquiAlpacas's Homepage  Reply with Quote
We had a cria born last fall. Everything presented normally at birth and for five days following. On day five the male cria became ataxic and one eye began to look cloudy and he showed signs of discomfort. Vet came immediately (of course a Sunday Emergency). We drew blood work, complete panel and IgG. Panel came back fine, no abnormal cell counts, no sign of infection, but absolutely no diffusion on the IgG. (which would make sense that there were no elevated or low blood cell counts as he did not appear to have any antibodies.) We began treatment with Naxcel and Banamine...a sleepless night of getting him up every hour to nurse. Prognosis was not good. After several hours he was able to get up on his own.

Plasma transfusion and two weeks of std. doses of Naxcel, he seemed fine, except the eye had become swollen and completed clouded over. Anterior Uveitis was the official diagnosis, cause not known. After several weeks of std Naxcel dose treatment, the eye did not improve. Vet called around, we trippled the dose (concentration) of Naxcel. Improvement within two days. Cloudiness (uveitis) began to break apart, swelling began coming down. It took us two solid weeks of this high dose treatment to "break the blood-brain barrier". Based our combined research (with my vet), we had determined he likely suffered from a systemmic infection (the ataxia and fever, quick antibiotic response) that eventually manifested iteself in the eye.

A visit to an opthamologist at 6 weeks indicated his retina had become detached, likely due to the trauma of the swelling, and complete loss of vision in that eye. Recommendation was to remove eye. Telephone call with Dr. Purdy and Tufts surgeon indicated if he was in no pain, then eye removal was not necessary nor recommended at that time. Wait until it becomes a problem, or when his development is complete.

He is now thriving and almost 6 months old. Eye problems can be tricky to treat depending upon whether or not it is a surficial issue, or whether or not it is more internal/organ related. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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Posted - 03/08/2007 :  8:30:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well mom and cria are home.
The redness in his eyes is not completely gone but gets better every day. Weeping stopped over the first night while he was at OSU. He is getting Neomycin ointment in each eye 3x day. Eye doctor looked at his eye at said he didn't see any problems. His IGG was around 280, so that appears to be the problems. He was given a plasma transfusion. The required dose was about 1/2 a bag but she gave him the whole bag.

When I broght him home last night and put him in the pen it was the first time he had room to run. He started jumping straight up in the air and running around. He is a challenge to catch and hold on to while giving meds.

We are watching him close but I think we got him to the vet in time and everything will be good.

Bakers' Acres Alpacas
McLoud, Oklahoma
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Posted - 03/08/2007 :  9:15:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Really glad to hear things are going well. We are always proactive when we think or know something is amiss with a cria. Better to be safe than sorry.

Robin Alpert
Alpacas 'R Diamonds
15163 W 323rd
Paola, KS 66071
Where quality and integrity count.
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