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Alpaca Fiber Farming
Experience the Alpaca Lifestyle while producing luxury products - through Alpaca Fiber Farming This online resource will teach you how. Apple Mountain Alpacas
A Guide to Spinning Alpaca: Fiber from Huacaya Alpaca to Suri Alpaca (and beyond)
A Guide to Spinning Alpaca Fiber Spinning Daily
Alpaca Care and Diet
Of all livestock you can own, the alpaca is one of the easiest and most inexpensive to maintain. This factor contributes significantly to their overall investment value and the quality of life of those who care for them. Small wonder that the alpaca is now considered the world's finest livestock investment. Linda K. Davis, Owner, L.L.C.
AOBAThe Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (AOBA) began in 1988 and gained non-profit status in 1991. It serves the following purposes: (1) To promote public awareness and membership appreciation of the Alpaca's unique qualities; (2) To educate the membership on the care and breeding of the Alpaca; (3) To promote the growth of the Alpaca industry as a whole; and (4) To foster the establishment of the breed outside of its native land by encouraging husbandry and breeding practices based upon, but not limited to, herd health, overall soundness, and alpaca fiber production and products. ALPACAINFO
Business & Fiber
What does an alpaca cost?Price, as always, is a reflection of demand. Interest in buying alpacas has grown steadily over the years. ALPACAINFO
Who raises alpacas?Alpaca owners and breeders come from all walks of life. Many are doctors, financial advisors, educators, or cattle farmers, to name a few. Some raise alpacas as a full-time business, others commit part-time. From young families to empty-nesters, phased retirement to full-retirement, raising alpacas offers countless options for everyone.  ALPACAINFO
General Info
Physical CharacteristicsTwo kinds of Alpacas: Huacaya (pronounced wah-KI-ya) and Suri (pronounced surrey) Huacaya fiber is short, dense, crimpy and gives a woolly appearance Suri fiber is silky and resembles pencil-like locks Short and low set tail Have soft padded feet with two toes  ALPACAINFO
The Earth-Friendly Alpaca
Alpacas have been domesticated for more than 5,000 years. They are one of Mother Nature's favorite farm animals. They are sensitive to their environment in every respect. ALPACAINFO
The Lifestyle
The joy, ease of care and potential profitability of raising alpacas has attracted people from many walks of life to become breeders. For some, alpacas are a primary source of income, for others a part-time business venture, but a source of pleasure for both. ALPACAINFO
A Brief History of Alpacas
Alpacas have coexisted with humankind for thousands of years. The Incan civilization of the Andes Mountains in Peru elevated the alpaca to a central place in their society. The imperial Incas clothed themselves in garments made from alpaca and many of their religious ceremonies involved the animal. Museums throughout the Americas display textiles made from alpaca fiber. ALPACAINFO
About Alpacas
Alpacas were a cherished treasure of the ancient Incan civilization and played a central role in the Incan culture that was located on the high Andean Plateau and mountains of South America. Aragon Alpacas


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