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Genetic Alpaca Improvement 103
As animal breeders, what are our goals and objectives?Why are we mating our animals, and why are we doing itthe way we are? Is the goal to produce more alpacas andincrease the size of our individual herd as well as the“national herd”? Are we breeding animals to replace ourstock? Are we attempting to breed in such a way that thedescendants will be “better” than the present generation? Alpaca Academy Author: Dr. Wayne C. Jarvis
Alpaca Builders: Breeding for Genetic Gain
I am often asked by other alpaca breeders, “How do Ichoose which alpacas to sell, and which to keep asreplacements within my herd?” As alpaca breeders we allare striving to improve the overall quality of our herds. Atthe same time most of us need to sell alpacas in order toprovide income to achieve a return on our investment aswell as covering our costs of operation. Alpaca Academy Author: Jack Armstrong
Breeding Males – A Judges Perspective
One of the most important decisions that an animal breedermakes is which males they should consider breeding towhen trying to improve the next generation of the speciesthey are raising. The breeder needs to take time andconsider all of the traits that an animal is likely to or willpossibly pass on to future generations Alpaca Academy Author: Tim Lavan


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