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Experienced breeders, if you're happy with your personal alpaca vet, help others starting out in the industry and submit your vet's information in our Vet Link.  In return, AN will provide a link to your Web site if applicable, as well as your farm and contact information.

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In times of emergency, often the best place to go is the nearest veterinary university.  If you'd like to visit web links to some of the biggest vet schools in the country, VetLink has a special page, devoted to this need.

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  Welcome to Vet Link!  Vet Link is a helpful resource for those who are new to the industry, and beginning to consider the search for a camelid savvy veterinarian in their area.  If you would like to recommend a vet to other breeders, click here!  

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, David Goldwasser & Diane Dodd
Adirondack Vetrinary Hospital
Goff Rd
Westport, NY USA
Submitted by:
Jay Ward
AuSable Valley Alpacas
Comments: Drs Dodd & Goldwasser both care for our alpacas and do it well. They also service another alpaca herd and some llamas. Both are interested in camelids and continuing to learn. Both attended the vet seminar we hosted w/ Dr Steve Purdy.

Submitted by:

Abma, Roland
Roland Abma, DVM
Hendersonville, TN USA
Submitted by:
Shae Jarvis

Comments: Ultrasound, reproduction, general health
Adams DVM, Fred

Reeses Mill Rd
Keyser, WV USA
(304) 788-7868
Submitted by:
Anona Tase
Alpacas Under the Rainbow
Comments: Down to Earth personality. Extremely involved in educating himself about camelids and attends many seminars and clinics an added plus is he keeps us informed about whats going on with camelids.
Agle DVM, J. Larry
Buckeye Veterinary Service LLV
16275 Claridon-Troy Road
Burton, OH USA
Submitted by:
Joyce and Greg White
Tinkers Creek Alpacas LLC
Comments: Dr.Agle has been caring for alpacas for the last 10+ years. He has extensive reproduction, ulstrasound, birthing and routine alpaca experience. Dr. Agle also excells in horse care. He graduated from OSU College of Veterinary Medicine.
Baumeister, Marlene
Companion Animal Veterinary Service
3099 S. Oceana Drive
Shelby , MI USA
Submitted by:
Jeanine Bell
Northernbell Alpacas
Comments: Marlene attended MSU Veterinary School and is very knowledgeable in all large animals, many exotics included. With a calm and confident manor, Marlene is very well versed in Camelid care. I have no reservations about recomending her to anyone I meet.
Baxendell, Kathy
Groton City Animal Hospital
794 Cortland Road (Rt. 222)
Groton, NY USA
Submitted by:
Brenda and Ken Clark
Alpacas of Tartan Acres
Comments: Dr. Baxendell has been working with camelids for some time now and is doing an excellent job. Her knowledge is always increasing and she is always looking to learn more about our wonderful animals. Farm visits are no issue and always prove to be very educational to the owners. We highly recomend her and feel very fortunate to have a vet who is so personable and possesses a such strong knowledge base. Our herd thanks her for taking such good care of them.
Behrends, David
Blanco Veterinary Clinic
1494 Loop 163
Blanco, TX USA
Submitted by:
Rhonda Deschner
Tierra Prometida Alpacas
Bennett, Fred
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
8100 Race Road
Lisbon, OH USA
Submitted by:
Diana Ritchie
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
Comments: Dr. Bennett treats both large and smallanimals at Lisbon Veterinary Clinic. Please visit www.lisbonvetclinic.comfor more information on Dr. Bennett and the services that LVC provides.
Bercier, Danielle
Equine Medical Services
15828 South Blvd.
Silverhill, AL 36576 USA
Submitted by:
Jodie Nash & Nancy Gaylor
Charmed Alpacas
Comments: Truely cares about the alpacas and stays up to date with alpaca medicine. Very thorough. Highly recommend.
Bezek, David
David Bezek, DVM,PHD
8681 Colf Rd.
Carleton, MI USA
Submitted by:
Helen Arocha-Lezama
Cielito Lindo Alpaca Ranch
Comments: Down to Earth personality Extremely involved in educating himself about camelids and attends many seminars and clinics an added plus is he keeps us informed about whats going on with camelids by sending us monthly newsletters and a monthly calendar letting us know where he's at daily and when our next visit is due.
Bodahewa, Ajith
Dr. A.P. Bodahewa
Veterinary office , Maskeliya,Sri Lanka
Nuwara Elya, XX Sri Lanka
Submitted by:
S. Morgan
ADRA sri lanka
Comments: He is keen on veterinarian
Brasch, Steve
Skylands Veterinary Service
10 Ann Marie Lane
Wantage, NJ USA
Submitted by:
Mike & Natalie Burger
Hidden Pastures, LLC
Comments: Steve is a great large animal vet that enjoys his work with camelids. He has a nice touch and manner with clients and alpacas!
Brown, Dr, Kristy
Leon Valley Veterinary Service
7369 Kate Avenue
Sparta, WI USA
Submitted by:
Heidi Ellefson
Pheasant Ridge Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Brown specializes in Camelid medicine, surgery and reproduction. 90% of her practice is llamas, alpacas, and horses.
Brykbill, Kevin
Millerstown Veterinary Associates

Millerstown, PA USA
Submitted by:
Michele Schroepfer
Iron Mountain Alpacas
Comments: This vet has been wonderful to us throught our alpaca learning experience. Their office just added two more vets with camelid experience also. Highly recommended.
Cameron, DVM, Tom
DeForest Veterinary Clinic
416 Mohican Pass
DeForest, WI USA
(608) 846-3933
Submitted by:
Stephen Hull
TimberLake Farms
Comments: A former large animal vet who also owns alpacas and llamas. He uses standard and alternative therapies (certified) in his small animal and camelid practice. He is big on prevention and communicates well with clients.
Cangelosi, Amy
Dr. Amy's Vet Care
444 Sprague Town Rd
Greenwich, NY USA
(518) 692-2685
Submitted by:
Jay Ward
AuSable Valley Alpacas
Comments: Dr Amy attended the vet seminar we hosted w/ Dr Steve Purdy on our farm. Very interested in camelids.
Childress, Dr. Brandy
Sand Mountain Large Animal Clinic
900 Broad Street South
Fyffe, AL USA
Submitted by:
Linda Rosenbaum
My Sweet Alpaca
Comments: Dr. Brandy serves the northeast corner of Alabama and into Georgia. She is able to come out to your farm when needed and if it isn't an urgent issue, you can take your alpacas to her office. With her knowledge base, she is willing to help out where ever she can, even if it isn't camelid related. She is very knowledgeable and is always refreshing her education with the animals.
Clifford DVM, Jay
Advanced Equine Dentistry & Vet Services Inc
13223 Sunfish Drive
Hudson, FL USA
Submitted by:
Jeanette Spoor
Comments: Have a mobile equine/vet hospital travel the State Of Florida
Clymer, Shad
Snowy Range Veterinary Clinic
3025 Ft. Sanders Dr.
Laramie, WY 82070 USA
Submitted by:
Pat Mujica
Aconcagua Alpaca Farm L.L.C
Comments: Dr. Clymer is great with alpacas. He is very good and I highly recommend him.
Cotton, Toni
Dr. Toni Cotton DVM

Findlay, OH USA
Submitted by:
Jim and Cathie Hulbert
J. C. Alpaca Farm
Comments: Dr. Toni Cotton graduated from The Ohio State University in 1990. She then spent one year abroad in Morocco as a veterinarian for the Peace Corps. She started her own specialty practice, Camelid Veterinary Services, in 1994. She has traveled to Peru several times over the past 5 years. Her activites in Peru varied from the selection of alpacas for importation, speaking at the Alpacafest 2000 and trekking through the altiplano with llamas. She is an adjunct professor the the Camelid Health Program at The Ohio State University. She is the ORVLA representative to the Llama Medical Research Group. She specializes in camelid reproduction and has small herd of suri alpacas. Her love and passion for her work and the animals continues to grow!
Dayton, DVM, Christina
Counrtyside Animal Hospital
3435 Maughon Road
Covington, GA USA
Submitted by:
Phillip Volz
Papa’s Alpacas Farm
Comments: Dr. Dayton is truly a remarkable camelid vet. We have only worked with her for a short time, but have appreciated her knowledge and expertise when it comes to dealing with alpacas.
DeMumbrum, Lisa
Westgate Pet Clinic
114 Westgate Mall
Madison, WI USA
Submitted by:
Bev Laue
L&L Trail's End Alpacas
Edmunds, Elizabeth
Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital

Snohomish, WA USA
360 568 3111
Submitted by:
Fallon, Tim
Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital
Route 125
Epping, NH USA
Submitted by:
Peter Buckingham
Folsom Farm
Comments: Very good camelid vet for many years.
Farris, Sandi
Harmony Veterinary Services

Willow, AK USA
Submitted by:
Julie Kookogey
Hidden Birch Alpacas
FAye, Brandy
Newwaukum Valley Vet Services

Chehali, WA USA
Submitted by:
Penny Holbrook
Black Hills Alpacas
Comments: Wonderful, knowledgable camelid and large animal vet. Has completed the camelid program at WSU. Very caring and handles the alpacas gently
Flanery, Coreen
Mercer Mobile Vet
400 Otter Street
Mercer, PA USA
Submitted by:
Laurye Feller
Sunset Hills Farm Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Flanery has had over 4 years of current experience with alpacas and trained at UC Davis where camelids were part of her veterinary study. We have been extremely pleased with Dr. Flanery's attention to our alpacas and the skill with which she carries out her practice. Dr. Flanery will be attending OSU's Camelid Veterinary Conference March 2002.
Flory, John M.
Deschutes Animal Clinic, Inc. P.S.
7248 Capitol Blvd.
Tumwater, WA USA
Submitted by:
Dawn Turbyfill, Herd/Breeding Manager
Cedar Grove Alpacas, LLC
Comments: Dr. Flory has been actively practicing Camelid medicine, specializing in alpacas since 1985, helping to blaze the way in camelid medicine, including vitamin deficiency and Rickets. He has been an absolute Godsend to us and our alpacas, using the least invasive proceedures necessary to treat the animal. We agree with him that the alpaca heals themselves, we just provide them with the means in which to do it. Dr. Flory always seems to be the happy-go-lucky sort, always whistling a tune and has a fabulous sense of humor. He is also always happy to answer any question or give sage advice regarding health and welfare of the animals we so love. Dr. Flory also has a great vet working with him at the clinic who is "all about alpacas", Dr. L. E. Castle.
Frey, Richard
Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic
3901 Sierra College Boulevard
Loomis, CA USA
(916) 652-5816
Submitted by:
Chris & Susan Lehner
Champion Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Frey has been working with camelids for over 30 years. He is a very knowledgeable and caring vet. We highly recommend him.
Gardner-Graff, DVM, Kimberly
TOT Corporation
18485 East Forest Drive
Monument, CO USA
Submitted by:
Sharon Lamka Hegeman
Alpacas In The Forest
Comments: Dr. Kim is certainly one of the best camelid vets in the Colorado area. Dr. Kim is extremely professional and keeps each and everyone one of us well informed with the newest healthcare technologies. When she goes on vacation, we all go into panic attacks!We need to clone her.
Gillette, Jack
Wildflower Veterinary
6010 260th Street East
Graham, WA USA
Submitted by:
Judith L. Gibson
Sensei Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Gillette hs owned and worked with camelids since 1986. He is very professional, caring, and has a great sense of humor. He takes care in taking care of your animals.
Gordon, Eric
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
8100 Race Road
Lisbon , OH USA
Submitted by:
Diana Ritchie
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
Comments: Dr. Gordon visits farms everyday totreat large animals. Please for more information on Dr. Gordon and the services provided by Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
Grimmett, Jenni Lyn
Triton Vet Services

Submitted by:
Sarah Pinkerton
Rockford Bay Ranch
Comments: Jenni is a great vet. She lives around the Sandpoint area, & is very knowledgeable about alpacas, etc. She has worked with Snowmass Alpacas as well, & is sweet, & not 'proud'. Easy to be around & will answer you questions honestly.
Grover, Chris
Piedmont Veterinary Services

Keene, VA USA
Submitted by:
Carolyn Hitchcock
Cameron Mountain Alpacas
Comments: Superb vet with many years of experience (Worked with Lanark for years). Chris and a second camelid vet, Karen Digeorgis, both make farm calls and one of them is always on call (24/7). Both are easy to talk to and considerate and obviously love their work.
Hamrick, Mark
Lexington Large Animal Hospital

Lexington, NC USA
Submitted by:
Timothy Planer
Palomino Alpaca Farm Inc
Comments: Has provided high quality service for our herd for over five year, is well informed and continues to broaden his knowledge on camelid care.
Hartman, DVM, Wendy
Hill Winds Veterinary Practice
553 Death Valley Road553 Death Valley Road
Johnson City, NY USA
Submitted by:
Jay Ward
AuSable Valley Alpacas
Comments: Dr Hartman is licensed in both NY & PA. Dr Hartman is strictly a large aninal vet including camelids. She attended a seminar presented by Dr Steve Purdy of UMass Camelid Studies Program that we hosted at our farm.
Henry, Heather
Creekview Veterinary Services
1112 Oyster Mill Road
Camp Hill, PA USA
Submitted by:
Dale & Debra Zulli
Alpacaholic Acres
Comments: Dr. Henry is an excellent, very experienced camelid Vet.
Hirsch, Susie
Carmel Animal Hospital
7115 n. 19th avenue
Phoenix, AZ USA
(602) 995- 1149
Submitted by:
Elizabeth Rupert & John Pollock
Vanity Alpacas
Hoagland, Patricia
Ottawa Veterinary Hosp.
Rt. 6
Ottawa, IL USA
Submitted by:
Ed and Karen Rogers
Apple Tree Acres Alpacas
Comments: When we first purchased our animals we had trouble finding a vet. Dr. Hoagland came to our rescue. Farm calls are no problem. She has taken the time to study up on camelids and is receptive to learning more. She has access to the staff and labs of the University of Illinois. Dr. Hoadgland gets an A+ from us and our animals.
Hodes, Brian & Jessica
Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic
110 N. Rose Hill Rd.
Rose Hill, KS USA
316 776-0040
Submitted by:
Mike Green
Royal Plush Alpaca Ranch
Comments: Graduated K S U in 2011 Studied under Dr's Anderson and Jones. Very caring vets, Up to date on whats going on. Also have up to date equipment.
Hodson, Shane
Farmersville Veterinary Clinic
4830 Farmersville Rd
Farmersville, OH 45325 USA
Submitted by:
Cheryl Ross
Mount Ampato Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Hodson's developing a good knowledge of camelids having both alpaca and llama clients. Most important to us, he's always willing to admit when he doesn't have an answer and to help us to find one.
Hoskett, Scott
Hoskett Veterinary Clinic
4450 U.S. Route 68 North
Yellow Springs, OH USA
Submitted by:
Debra Gaskill
Checkered Flag Fibers
Comments: Best camelid vet is southwestern Ohio. Knows llamas and alpacas — and uses holistic treatments when appropriate.
Hoskin, Mel
M&M Veterinary Laboratory
13615 Wabash Rd
Milan, MI USA
Submitted by:
Trudy Halley
Alpacas at Cloudy Pass
Jaques BVSc, Kristin
Adobe Animal Hospital
1600 Soquel Dr.
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Submitted by:

Jones, Paul
Woodburn Veterinary Clinic
225 S. Pacific Hwy
Woodburn, OR USA
Submitted by:
Christine Perala Gardiner
Suri Futures
Comments: Dr Jones and the Woodburn camelid team provide gold standard service for the north Willamette Valley.
Jones, David
Delaware Veterinary Practice
Castle Cary
, AL United Kingdom
01963 350307
Submitted by:
David and Amanda Poyner
Barton Alpacas
Comments: Delaware Vets have been helpful and very interested to learn about and happy to treat our animals. Not only David Jones, who is new to the practice, but Nick Perkins, is also very responsive. We feel we have peace of mind.
Jones, Stanley
La Porte City Veterinary Clinic
105 Commercial St
La Porte City, IA USA
Submitted by:
Ruth McNitt
Moonstruck Ranch Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Jones has a way with animals. He has a calming effect on the alpacas - from the alarmed to the reluctant - because of his patient, gentle manner. Over the last several years, he has been researching, attending vet seminars and getting involved with the alpaca community. There is nothing more important than having a good veterinarian close-by when you raise alpacas.
Kranz, Steve
Wellington Veterinary Clinic
St. Rt. 18
Wellington, OH USA
Submitted by:
Marcee L. Stephenson
The Criation Station
Comments: As the number of alpaca farms in Northern Ohio has continued to increase, Dr. Steve Kranz has risen to the top as a quality alpaca veterinarian. Knowledgeable about alpacas and reproduction. Has ultrasound machine (many local vets don't have the US machine).
Kranz, Steven
Wellington Veterinary Clinic
45015 State Route 18
Wellington, OH USA
440 647-4100
Submitted by:
Trisha Chesky
Terra Del Lago Alpaca Farm, LLC
Comments: Dr. Kranz is very good with the veterinary care he provides to our alpacas. He keeps up with the latest advancements in the treatment of our livestock. He communicates with Dr. Anderson at The Ohio State Vet School, along with other alpaca "experts". I feel secure with the veterinary care both Drs. Kranz and Sprange provide.
Krause, Andy
Wood Pond Veterinary Services
Wood Pond Rd.
Haverill, NH USA
603 989-5320
Submitted by:
Karen Shaw
Moonacre Farm
Comments: Andy is up to date on alpaca health issues and is an absolute reproduction whiz. He enjoys his work with alpacas and it shows. He is conservative and spends time analysing an animals overall health when treating. We think the world of him.
Lain, Leigh

8709 Tormey Rd
Sauquoit, NY USA
Submitted by:
Jay Ward
AuSable Valley Alpacas
Comments: Dr Lain attended the vet seminar we hosted w/ Dr Steve Purdy on our farm. Very interested in camelids.
Langhofer, Marty
Western Veterinary Clinic
25190 SR 2
South Bend, IN USA
Submitted by:
Liz & Lee Clark
Turkey Creek Alpacas
Ley, Bill
Rectortown Equine Center
8446 Maidstone Rd
Rectortown, VA USA
Submitted by:
Lynn Blake
Mayhem Farm
Comments: Dr. Ley is an Equine Reproduction Specialist, but don't let that fool you, he is also EXCELLENT with our alpacas.
Liming, Kelly
Rolling Hills Veterinary Service
3097 South Bantam Rd.
Bethel, OH USA
Submitted by:
Christiane Rudolf
Tanglewood Farm
Comments: Dr. Liming and his associate, Dr. Patchell, are excellent vets, knowledgeable about alpacas, and always willing to help out alpaca owners. They will do farm visits and are reasonable in their fees as well. They also do monthly seminars, free of charge, regarding topics of interest to their clients. I highly recommend both of them.
Liming, Kelly
Rolling Hills Veterinary Service
3097 South Bantam Rd.
Bethel, OH USA
Submitted by:
Christiane Rudolf
Tanglewood Farm
Comments: Dr. Liming and his associate, Dr. Patchell, are excellent vets, knowledgeable about alpacas, and always willing to help out alpaca owners. They will do farm visits and are reasonable in their fees as well. They also do monthly seminars, free of charge, regarding topics of interest to their clients. I highly recommend both of them.
Liming, Kelly
Rolling Hills Veterinary Service
3097 South Bantam Rd.
Submitted by:

Long, Pat
Eastgate Veterinary Clinic
33888 SE Peoria Rd
Corvallis, OR USA
Submitted by:
Sharon & John Weber
Lost Valley Alpaca Ranch
Comments: I would like to highly recommend to any alpaca breeder, Dr. Pat Long. Here is his bio;

Dr. Long is a well-known veterinarian specializing in camelid health and treatment. He received his DVM in 1976 from Kansas State University. After serving a 5- year stint in the U.S. Army, he entered private veterinary practice in Oregon. As the owner of a four-person mixed animal practice, Eastgate Veterinary Clinic in Corvallis, OR, Pat spends about half of his professional time caring for llamas and alpacas.

He is a co-author of Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care – an absolute must-have reference book for alpaca owners. Dr. Long has been an invited speaker at camelid events worldwide. He has authored numerous articles published in Alpacas Magazine as well as a chapter on herd health in the Veterinary Clinics of North America Llama Medicine. Dr. Long currently sits on the ARF Board and is Board liaison to the Development Committee.

Long, Pat
Eastgate Vetrinary Clinic
33888 SE Peoria Rd
Corvallis, OR USA
Submitted by:
Sherm and Cindy Whitlock
Mountain Jewel Alpacas of Oregon
Comments: Many years of experience with Camelids, great teacher!
Lubbers, Scot
Amazia Veterinary Service
P.O. Box 87
Brush Prairie, WA USA
Submitted by:
Ken and Tammy Derrick
Alpacas of Lavender Lane
Comments: Dr. Lubbers is very personable and attends clinics and seminars to keep himself and his clients informed of current treatment practices used within the camelid community.
Lucia, Patricia
Stack Hospital for Pets
100 Mill St
Fayetteville, NY USA
Submitted by:
Jay Ward
AuSable Valley Alpacas
Comments: Dr Lucia attended the vet seminar we hosted w/ Dr Steve Purdy on our farm. Very interested in camelids.
Mailhot, Nicole
Branch Equine Veterinary Services, LLC
PO Box 1585
Wells, ME USA
Submitted by:
Pamela Harwood
Longwoods Alpaca Farm, LLC
Comments: "Dr. Nicole" was our primary vet while she was with Wells Vet. Now she's on her own and we're sticking with her for our breeding livestock! She has a tremendous depth of knowledge, yet she isn't afraid to say she doesn't know, and always follows up with the results of her research.
Main, Robert
Gainesville Veterinary Clinic

Gainesville, MO USA
Submitted by:
Julie Kookogey
HIdden Birch Alpacas
Comments: Dr Main's wife is also a vet and takes care of small animals out of the same clinic.
Masterson, Margaret
OSU Large Animal Services
16410 County Home Road
Marysville, OH USA
(937) 642-2936
Submitted by:
Christie Osborn
Christies Dream Weaving Suris
Comments: She is AWESOME! Very helpful, answers questions, if she can't get to the farm we can haul to their brand new facility. She will do prebreeding exams, ultrasounds, fecals, IGG etc. They are a different part of OSU that teaches the students. I'm not sure how large the area is that they travel, but they could tell you if you call. Her e-mail is: It can't hurt to give them a call if you are in the surrounding areas.Reasonable rates for farm calls, then they charge mostly by the hour.
Mathews, Donna
Luray Animal Clinic
Main St.
Luray, VA USA
Submitted by:
Lynn Blake
Mayhem Farm
Comments: FANTASTIC vet - reproductive specialist. Always responsive, if you like direct, to the point, and no fluff, you will positively love Donna.
McKee, John
Paws 'N' Claws
Salisbury, MD USA
Submitted by:
Amy Robb
Long Meadow Farm
Comments: Also a breeder of Suri Alpacas.
McMahon, Tom
Pocatalico Animal Clinic
6440A Starlight Dr.
Sissonville, WV USA
Submitted by:
Barbara Gentry
Healing Hills Alpacas
Comments: Tom has been in practice 20 years and lately has taken camelid workshops with LaRue Johnson from his alma mater Colorado State University. He is tireless, patient, and very knowledgeable -- a veritable saint.
McNeil, Rob
Lakewood Veterinary Service
P.O. Box 126, Route 243
Rushford, NY USA
585-437-5120 & 585-968-0205
Submitted by:
Wren Owens
Close-Knit Alpacas
Comments: "Dr. Rob" is an experienced, excellent camelid veterinarian with ultrasound capabilities.
Meagher, Paul
United Veterinary Services
E 9525 Blueberry Rd.
Bear Creek, WI USA
Submitted by:
Erin LeMoine
Green Bay Alpacas LLC
Comments: Dr. Paul is a large-animal vet. with an emphasis on alpacas, as well as all camelids. He works hard to care for his patients while educating his customers. We are very lucky to have Dr. Meagher in our area!
Meyer, Thomas
Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
13914 NE 16th Avenue
Vancouver, WA USA
Submitted by:
Ken and Tammy Derrick
Alpacas of Lavender Lane
http://Coming soon
Comments: Dr. Meyer is an excellent, experienced camelid vet who has taken care of our alpacas this past year. He always gives thorough exams and is willing to answer any questions or concerns about camelid breeding, birthing, etc.
Meyer, Thomas
Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
13914 N.E. 16th Avenue
Vancouver, WA USA
Submitted by:
Sharon Roe
Caviar & Shoo's Alpacas
Miller, Dana
Miller Veterinary Services
17295 E 2100th Street
Atkinson, IL USA
Submitted by:
Joanne Brush
BrushWalker Alpacas
Comments: Outstanding vet! Both she and her partner Christina, have hands-on experince with camelids and have attending seminars/training specific to alpacas and llamas. I would highly recommend them.
Minazzoli, Fred
Mountain State Equine & Large Animal, PLLC

Capon Bridge, WV USA
Submitted by:
Cheri Seiler
Good Time Ridge Farm, LLC
Murdock, Christina

PO Box 197
West Nottingham, NH 03291 USA
Submitted by:
Linda Marie McWilliams Gordon Hadyk
Inti Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Murdock is good with alpacas and llamas, and a delight to work with. Mobile practice- she comes to you for your all large and small animals'
Myers, Susan
West Michigan Veterinary
100 North 68th Avenue
Coopersville, MI USA
Submitted by:
Julie & Doug Rice
R&R Suris
Comments: The best Camelid vet in Western Michigan.We have used her vet services for over 10 yrs.She is well trained, great instinct, and very knowledgeable!
Naylor, Ronny
Granbury Animal Clinic
1319 Lipan Hwy.
Granbury, TX USA
Submitted by:
We Know We Health
Copper Hill Ranch
Comments: Dr. Naylor is very knowledgable in the camellid health area. I feel so lucky to have found him.
Neal, Douglas
Oak Grove Animal Clinic
1604 Broadway
Oak Grove, MO USA
Submitted by:
Suzan Hillhouse
Hummingbird Ranch
Comments: Dr. Neal is wonderful with our alpacas and if he does not know the answer is directly on the phone to Kansas State to get the answer.
Nicoletti, Mike

100021-B Cleveland Ave.
E. Sparta, OH USA
330 866-1737
Submitted by:
Don and Carolyn Marquette
The AlpacaRosa
Comments: He owns alpacas also.
Oehling, Alisha
Stateline Equine
117 17th St.
Clarksville, VA USA
Submitted by:
Patricia Harkness
Beach Run Farm
Comments: She will travel into NC. We live in Oxford; she comes to us and does surrounding areas. I have found her very open and helpful. She has a mobile vet unit and carries medications with her for every trip.
Ottosen, Dale
Cayuga Veterinary Services
Routes 5 & 20 (1532 Clark Street Rd)
Auburn, NY USA
(315) 253-7871
Submitted by:
Sarah Lamanna
Claddagh Farm
Comments: Dr. Ottosen not only has alpacas as patients, he owns them!
Parker, Anne
Compassion Animal Hospital
740 Germany Rd.
East Berlin, PA 17316 USA
(717) 259-0221
Submitted by:
Big Mount Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Anne Parker has been our farm vet for over one year now and has been our greatest asset when it comes to keeping our alpacas safe and sound. She always has time to answer our questions and has made herself available at all hours of the day for us.
Peck, Donna
Pemboke Animal Hospital
Loudon Road
Pembroke , NH USA
603 228 0019
Submitted by:
Janet SciglianiGarcia
Starry Night Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Donna has been our vet for over 5 years. We appreciate her no-bull approach. Both she and the staff work hard to accommoate our emergencies.
Pollard, Robert
Animal Medical Clinic
19624 Highway 108
Sonora, CA USA
(209) 532-5529
Submitted by:
David & Brenda Barboza
RanchoNC Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Rob Pollard is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Camelid vets in North America. He is practices traditional medicine combining it with a homeopathic and an herbal approach. His lactation formula has been widely used for years with great success. His many herbal remedies are available at
Pollock, John
Tuft's University Ambulatory Services
P.O. Box 87
S. Woodstock, CT USA
Submitted by:
Pauline Hamel
Alpacas At Scotland Hill
Comments: We get exceptional care of our alpacas from Dr. Pollock. He is very caring and we like the way he handles the animals. He's a vet with a lot of heart. On most visits he will have anywhere from 1-3 students from Tuft's University with him. He has a great way of educating these students who really seem to enjoy learning from him.
Rapp, Jackie
Susquehanna Valley Veterinary
527 Olive Road
Paxinos, PA USA
Submitted by:
Jane Korbar
Patchwork Farm
Comments: Jackie is a mobile vet and has everything in her van including her office. She has been terrific with our alpacas and has helped us through a few emergencies with great confidence and know how.
Rapp, Jackie
Susquehanna Valley Veterinary
527 Olive Road
Paxinos, PA USA
Submitted by:
Jane Korbar
Patchwork Farm Alpacas, LLC
Comments: Jackie is a mobile vet and has everything in her van including her office. She has been terrific with our alpacas and has helped us through a few emergencies with great confidence and know how.
Reynolds, Karen
Appalachian Equine Mobile Veterinary Services
1603b Barnardsville Hwy
Barnardsville, NC USA
Submitted by:

Rosenberg D.V.M., Mark
Hurley Veterinary Hospital
509 Hurley Avenue
Hurley, NY USA
Submitted by:
Stephen and Anne Kent
Dutchtown Farms Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Rosenberg D.V.M has an excellent rapport with his clients and patients. He is very experienced with alpacas and llamas. The fact that he makes farms calls is an added convenience. We highly recommend his services.
Rothlisberger, Ben
Veterinary Clinic of the Mineral Area
4730 Flat River Rd.
Farmington, MO USA
Submitted by:
Jim & Susie Carr
Salem Hills Alpacas
Comments: Young up to date large animal doctor. Has educated himself on camelids. Relaxed, gentle and does not hesitate to contact the University of Missouri camelid dept. for advice.
Roueche, John
John Roueche DVM Large Animal Mobile Veterinarian
24899 San Fernando Road
Newhall, CA USA
Submitted by:
Jim & Darlene Crosby
Alpaca at the Motherlode/Motherlode Alpaca
Comments: Dr. John is a caring experienced vet. He services the Santa Clarita Valley area as well as Acton and Agua Dulce and surrounding areas. He has trained with Dr. LaRue Johnson a well known camelid vet. We are grateful to have him as our primary veterinarian.
Saletta, Liz DVM
Kiel Veterinary Clinic
575 Belitz Dr
Kiel, AL USA
Submitted by:

Saletta, Liz DVM
Kiel Veterinary Clinic
575 Belitz Dr
Kiel, WI USA
Submitted by:

Comments: This veterinary clinic has several mixed animal vets and a hospital for large animals.Alpacas can be brought in for hospitalization, surgery, and medical tests if needed.Someone is on call for emergencies 24/7.Very nice people to work with.
Schmucker, Gordon
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
8100 Race Road
Lisbon, OH USA
Submitted by:
Diana Ritchie
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
Comments: Dr. Schmucker treats dogs and catsat Lisbon Veterinary Clinic. Please visit for moreinformation on Dr. Schmucker and the services provided by Lisbon Vet Clinic
Schotman, Thomas
Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital
520 Mountain Lake Cutoff Rd.
Lake Wales, FL USA
Submitted by:
Jean Clemens
Tradition Farms Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Schotman is very knowledgeable in Camilids. He treats many Alpacas in his pratice and camilids are his specialty.
Seaman, Grant
Canisteo Veterinary Hospital
58 W. Main Street
Canisteo, NY USA
Submitted by:
Wren Owens
Close-Knit Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Seaman enjoys camelids very much and is always seeking to learn more. We have enjoyed working with him and have been impressed with his way with the alpacas and his perception and knowledge.
Silverman, Shari
Abbey Rose Veterinary Services
572 Sergeantsville RD
Flemington, NJ USA
Submitted by:
Comments: Dr Silverman is very enthusiastic about working with both experienced breeders and newcomers to the industry. Her practice deals with general medicine, preventative herd health, reproduction and neonatology. She is available for farm visits and educational seminars. Please call for more information or visit the website:
Slater, Tim
59-61 Main St PO Box 1
Afton, NY USA
Submitted by:
Karen Clark
Log Cabin Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Tim is gentle, kind vet that treats your alpacas as if they were his own. He is a Cornell graduate with alpaca experience. We are very comfortable having Dr. Tim care for our animals.
Smith, Jana
Hooves & Hummers
1841 Wellesley Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA USA
Submitted by:
Nancy & Jimmy Stepp
Rolling Thunder Farms
Comments: Dr. Jana is a caring and thorough vet. She is available for farms calls and travels with all the necessary equipment even an ultrasound. She has attended the Camelid Veterinary Clinics at Ohio State and Oregon State. She dreams of one day having a camelid hospital but in the meantime she has a great report with the local equine hospital. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Jana.
Smith, Tom
Miford Veterinary Clinic
SR 15 North
Milford, IN USA
Submitted by:
Liz & Lee Clark
Turkey Creek Alpacas
Comments: Very caring individual & staff
Somerville, William
Somerville Animal Hospital
2089 E. State Rd 163
Submitted by:

Somerville, William
Somerville Animal Hospital
2089 E. State Rd 163
Clinton, IN USA
Submitted by:
Ann Sullivan, SP
White Violet Farm Alpacas
Comments: Absolutely superb!
Somerville, William
Somerville Animal Hospital
2089 E. State Rd 163
Clinton, IN USA
Submitted by:
Ann Sullivan, SP
White Violet Farm Alpacas
Comments: Absolutely superb!
Specht, Brenda
East Fork Mobile Veterinary Service

Batavia, OH USA
Submitted by:
Christiane Rudolf
Tanglewood Farm Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Specht has a 24-hr emergency Farm Call Service and deals with Horses, Livestock, Cats, Dogs, Llamas, Alpacas and Pot-Bellied Pigs. She has attended numerous Alpaca seminars and is very knowlegeable about camelids. I highly recommend Dr. Specht for anyone with Alpacas or Llamas in the S.W. Ohio area. Please visit our website at
Stachowski, DVM, Dr. Anthony
Stachowski Alpacas
12648 State Route 44
Mantua, OH USA
Submitted by:
Cheryl Palmentera
C R Alpacas, Inc.
Comments: Dr. Stachowski has retired and sold his large animal practice but still services alpacas and llamas by appointment only. We trust him and rely on his 20+ years of experience with camelids. He has helped pioneer much of the camelid research along side Dr. Bravo from Peru, Dr. Anderson with OSU Camelid Clinic and many more.
Strickland, Barry V
Greene, Lewis & Associates, Inc.
17737 Highway 40
Coving ton, LA USA
985 - 893 - 3839
Submitted by:
Sandy Steffy
Whisper Soft Alpaca Farm
Comments: Greene, Lewis and Associates is a mulit-discipline equine veterinary practice that also offers experience from having been the attending veterinarians for one of the largeherds of camelids in North America. During this experience many reproductive, as well as internal medicine, techniques were developed. Currently, there are three doctors on staff. Dr. Gary Greene, a theriogenologist, has given many seminars and lectures and also has written a charter in "Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology", on llamas. Dr. Hunter Lewis and Barry Strickland are also associate veterinarians with interest in camelids.
Sudlow, Tracy
Bush Verterinary Services
2145 E. St. Rd. 18
Flora, IN USA
Submitted by:
Tim & Beth Sheets
Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas
Thibeault, Dennis
Green Valley Veterinary Services, LLC
35 Shuba Lane
Chaplin, CT 06235 USA
(860) 455-9280
Submitted by:
Anj Shaw
Paradise Farm Alpacas
Comments: Doctor T attends all the information seminars and conferences he can and is very interested in camelid care (he also owns llamas.) He is pragmatic and kind (goes a long way in New England) and a good teacher to the many students who sometimes assist him on his runs to our farm in R.I.
Thomsen, Chris & Leigh Ann)
South Milford Veterinary Hospital
7445 S 900 E
Wolcottville, IN USA
Submitted by:
Liz & Lee Clark
Turkey Creek Alpacas
Tom Judd, DVM, Lila Solomon, DVM and
Equine Veterinary Service
PO Box 1570
Gray, ME USA
Submitted by:
Pamela Harwood
Longwoods Alpaca Farm, LLC
Comments: In an effort to expand veterinary services for fiber herds in this area, I'm working with Drs Judd and Solomon. They care for "the boys". They have some camelid experience and are willing to learn more by attending Continuing Veterinary Education seminars as well as consult with more experienced vets.
Townsend, Matthew
Hometown Veterinary Care
51 Western Ave
Fairfield, ME USA
Submitted by:
Jill McElderry-Maxwell
Bag End Suri Alpacas of Maine, LLC
Comments: Dr. Townsend owns alpacas and now has his own clinic. You can't find better alpaca care anywhere.
Townsend, Matthew
Kennebec Veterinary Services
36 Highland Dr
Oakland, ME USA
(207) 465-8300
Submitted by:
Jill McElderry-Maxwell
Bag End Suri Alpacas of Maine, LLC
Comments: Dr. Townsend is not only gaining experience as a camelid vet, he owns and shows a small herd of huacayas. He is a very pleasant person to deal with and very open to owner input. He is backed up by Candace Erker, who is very interested in camelids.
Turk-Reiger, Susan
CrossRiver Veterinary Service

Bangor, PA USA
Submitted by:
Karen Thatcher-Smith
Smith KREKK Alpacas
Comments: Dr Turk is licensed in both PA and NJ, she is very interested in working with alpacas and has recently ('08) attended the North American Camelid Conference at UMASS . She has a wonderful way with alpacas and is very willing to network with alpacas specialists and university hospitals when she is unsure of the recommended treatment for camelids. We are very fortunate to have found such a caring vet who is willing to do all she can for our herd. Dr Turk is very willing to make farm visits. Highly Recommended. Please mention that you found her AN.
Tusch .D.V.M., Mr. Claire V.
Wells Veterinary Hospital
418 Sanford Road
Wells, ME USA
Submitted by:
Tom Talbott
T-Square Suri Alpacas
Comments: I have appreciated having a knowledgeable and friendly staff close by. Nicole Mailhot D.V.M. has been our primary vet, and she is terrific to work with.
Walker , Tracy
Allegheny Equine Veterinary Service
Route 1 Box 115
Elkins, WV USA
Submitted by:

Walker, DVM, MS, DipACVIM, Pamela G.
Camelid Care Veterinary Services
3971 Hoover Rd, Suite 353
Grove City, OH 43123 United States
Submitted by:
Linda Bader
Shady Hollow Suri Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Walker has helped us through a few emergencies with utmost confidence and know-how. We highly recommend her.
Whitlow, Travis
Whitlow Equine Veterinary Service

Lebanon, TN USA
Submitted by:
Melody Weist
Double Creek Farm
Comments: 24 hour emergency care availableAmbulatory Care Services Camelid experience
Wilburs, Arlen
Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
2250 North Old Bethlehem Pike
Quakertown, PA USA
Submitted by:
Kim Kline
Havenfield Farm
Comments: This man is ABSOLUTELY fantastic! He truly cares about the animal's well-being and it shows. He is constantly updating himself with the newest information available and is willing to brain storm with the more experienced breeders. Has a 24 hour emergency clinic with surgical capabilities!
Wiley, Doug
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
8100 Race Road
Lisbon, OH USA
Submitted by:
Diana Ritchie
Comments: Dr. Wiley is the founder and presidentor Lisbon Veterinary Clinic. He travelsto farms daily providing care for largeanimals. Please visit Lisbon Vet Clinic's web site at www.lisbonvet.comfor more information.
Wilson, Christina
Equiheart Veterinary Services
1 Eisenhower LN
Califon, NJ USA
Submitted by:

Comments: Dr. Wilson is amazing with alpacas! She is always happy to talk things over on the phone and show-up at any hour for emergencies. We are so lucky to have her in this part of New Jersey as she really knows her stuff! She travels to Hunterdon, Warren, Morris, and Somerset Counties.Here is her website with all her info:
Woods, Phil
Dogwood Equine Clinic
P.O. Box 2196
Southern Pines, NC USA
910 245 2211
Submitted by:
Wayne Gertz
BellaVista Farm
Comments: Excellent Vet and prompt service
Yerovi, Santiago
All Creatures Animal Hospital
1894 Ohio Pike
Amelia, OH USA
Submitted by:
Rick and Patty Deaton
Field Of Dreams Alpaca Farm
Zech-Manhart, Jean
Pacific Veterinary Clinic
275 Fruitdale Dr.
Grants Pass, OR USA
Submitted by:
Car A&Q Gather
Adorabella Alpacas
Comments: Dr. Jean is one of the top Camelid vets in the Northwest. We are lucky to have her. You may not always like what she has to say, but she will tell it like it is. If she is busy, Dr. Glenn Bowman is also very good.



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